In 2012_13 OBAMA/ ROCKEFELLERS/ CIA [ DS] INSIDE THE PENTAGON ECT ECT. had already issued procedures for the coming PLANDEMIC

[CIA] > [ 3 letter agencies]<

[ DS] INSIDE THE PENTAGON ECT ECT.had already issued procedures for the coming PLANDEMIC<
In the now LEAKED files, memos and emails circulating among Congress and military divisions, the EVIDENCE and PENTAGON CIA files makes it clear, the VACCINEs would be mandated and social media and Mainstream MEDIA would be protected against prosecution in complying with the PENTAGON in the FUTURE cover-up of the VIRUS. THE VACCINES DEATHS and the funding.

The planning of the of the deep state to take over social media and make them comply with the future initiatives placed by the PENTAGON was top priority in 2012._13 … The funding from the PENTAGON connected to Chapel hill, and several level 4 laboratories that created the gain of function virus and vaccines is being EXPOSED.

THROUGH GAME THEORY of MILITARY OPERATIONS connected to FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT OPERATIONS, The White hats MILITARY ALLIANCE let the DEEP STATE , OBAMA, ROCKEFELLERS, GATES, FAUCI ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT continue into their [ DS] operations to fund the VIRUS. Create the deadly vaccines dating back to 2012 when the initiative PLANDEMIC took form and PENTAGON CIA put out PROTOCOLS to control the INTERNET, social media MSM to cover up the VIRUS, VACCINES AGENDA that was going to be released.

In early 2017 after the U.S. military seized the VATICAN gold( 2016 December 24) and killed 13 families of ITALIAN KAZARIAN, Jesuits, nights of MALTA leaders ECT ECT…… The U.S. Military THROUGH TRUMP signed the CONTINUITY OF GOVERNMENT, DEVOLUTION PLAN> and the MILITARY TOOK OVER THE GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS/ COMMANDING
The top actors good and bad to continue their AGENDAs and PLANS ( this means the MILITARY used Game Theory operations and let the DEEP STATE continue their evil agenda as the military monitored all the OPERATIONS
To see who was all involved in the CREATION OF THE VIRUS, THE VACCINES THE WORLD MONEY LAUNDERING OPERATIONS, connected to weapons trade, human TRAFFICKING, planned WARS ECT ECT ECT ECT……. Everything has to happen that the DEEP STATE PLANNED dating back to 1990s and the final initiation of the PLANDEMIC starting in 2012 ///// ALL DEEP STATE OPERATIONS had to happen in order for the white hats to monitor all the MONEY, CORRUPTION AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY TO TAKE PLACE<


SASHA LATYPOVA Comes forward with files and documents direct from the PENTAGON The Department of Defense DOD had contracts for the vaccines and created laws through OBAMA to protect the PENTAGON and their vaccine manufacturers from being prosecuted for vaccine manipulation and money financing/ funding the operations. The vaccines COVID 19 clinical trials were created years before the 2019 outbreak .DOD HHS NIH ect ect ect ect and top ELITES and commanders were ALL INVOLVED IN THE CREATION OF THE PLANDEMIC< the vaccines the clinical trials. The FUNDING operations. The censorship of EXPOSING the VIRUS. The Pentagon CIA CONTROL of planned Plandemic narration over MSM. and the censorship of hundreds of millions who tried to EXPOSE the deep state AGENDA virus CREATION<

: CABLES]> BEHIND the SCENES The military ALLIANCE is pulling strings and releasing information direct from inside the PENTAGON
And leaking to outside SOURCES….
( In fall off 2021 i told you the CIA . PENTAGON was infighting and a silent WAR was erupting inside as white hats and Blackhats and gray hats began their military operations against each other…).   The real story is TRUMP-in 2017_18 signed military orders that gave power to the White HATS military who have been tracking the deep state since 2012 OBAMA initiative of the virus CREATION…
_ it’s becoming evident in the PENTAGON that TRUMP gave FULL powers to the Cheyenne mountains military COMMANDERS/ USSF/ MIL.INTEL ECT and the PENTAGON IS UNDER MILITARY SURVEILLANCE AND SEVERAL BLACKHATS AS GENERAL MILLEY are > FORCED ACTORS< by Whites hats… As is BIDEN> IS A FORCED ACTOR< ( playing a role) //🎥 🔥 INSIDE THE DEVOLUTION >PLAN<

The US has been under Active Martial Law since March 2020

Patel Patriot’s Devolution Series

>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

Uncensored Alternative News Media

Ascension All Connected and Also Important

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