The current LEAKS that came from the PENTAGON were HIGHLY confirmed leaks and Russia used them and placed the story of the true leaks world wide.

⚠️ [ DS] FAKE> [ LEAKS ,]:Coming><

( Highly<means most of the Classified docs were real….. And after the leaks the cia pentagon Put in some fake leaks into the original leaks)

NOW the Pentagon/CIA/Biden admin is planning to make the next [LEAKS] ..A FALSE FLAG [ LEAK]
and plan to use the 100% Percent coming [ LEAKS] as a narration to their Agenda.

The 21 year old Jack Teixeira who LEAKED the first batch of documents online was a SCAPEGOAT PATSY < ,. and the CIA/fbi set him up . ]]]]] There is no way a young 21 year old holds highly classified clearance that is in the National Guard as a Temp. soldier. More over it was impossible for Texeira to download the CLASSIFIED Documents in record time and have access to the highly secured servers, without notice for weeks, this is confirmed by several higher ups in the military commands. So what’s going on? Why did the Pentagon take so long to capture Teixeira and create a whole news fiasco cycle before capturing him? > TRUTH the leaks were real and the Pentagon knew weeks before and the Pentagon decided to use the Leaks as double Psyops and had plans in place already in case any such Real leaks happened .

In the case of any real leaks to hit, the Cia pentagon have several different operations and PYSOP’s in place… Including leaking FAKE LEAKS to create a narration around the first original leaks///

As the Pentagon, Biden administration are now publicly condemning the leaks and asking MSM and news outlets and social media not to share the leaks///It’s obvious they are baiting these news agencies to share the NEXT COMING LEAKS and building a narration to install the RESTRICT ACT and blame TWITTER. TELEGRAM. > Patriots for the leaks///// > [DS] _AGENDA

Let’s keep and eye to Jack Teixeira<
( Let’s hope the Clintons killing machine don’t reach him)//

If Jack Lives long enough, I’m sure the TRUTH will come out.

BEHIND THE SCENES; 911 Terrorist are linked to CIA recruitments///

Storm Rider

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