Exposing the failure of the three branches of government would bring in Martial Law

There will be leaks and drops in the Ghislaine Maxwell Case (Ghislaine was pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s partner and was deeply involved in International Child Sex Trafficking of political and global elites).
The Maxwell Case was staged, the Deep State Obama/ Clintons, ect all compromised the case in many ways and the Judge/ prosecution/ witnesses/ jury were all heavily infiltrated. However, the case must go forward no matter the legal outcome.
Deep State Soros/ Obama/ Clintons/ Chinese Communist Party/ Vatican/ Microsoft ect. compromised the 2020 Election, though it’s important that Election Fraud & Exposure continued no matter the legal outcome.
It’s also important that the Durham Report and exposure of the Clintons, Obama, Five Eyes, Vatican, Israel, ect. continue. They were connected to Russia Gate and Colour Revolution Coup against Trump that must be exposed to show how they compromised together with the Wuhan Covid-19 Pandemic in order to bring in the fix in the 2020 elections – that was designed to bring in a Totalitarian World Government through the CDC, WHO, WEF ect.

>>These Events ALL must continue, even if the cases fail in order to exposed that the courts are heavily infiltrated and in fact, all three branches of government have been infiltrated and the US was under foreign occupation.
Q says that while difficult, it is important to understand this must be done by the book.
•>> Exposing the failure of the three branches of government would bring in Martial Law.

Currently the Military Courts were documenting failures of the three branches of government. Later this will be used in local and world Military Tribunals to expose Epstein, Maxwell, Election interference and Covid-19 creation.
The Deep State is desperately trying to create a war for distraction, to create chaos and bring in a new Internet that would need passports and full authoritarian control connected to banks, personal data and health passes.

>The Plan To Save The World<

The Great Reset
The Deep State’s Great Reset Agenda of the UN, WEF, WHO, World Banks, GPMB, Obama, Bush current elites has always been to crash the Markets, and then bring in a global digital currency tracking/ human tracing system, along with a New World Order.
The Crash was imminent – see food shortages, inflation, rising gas prices.
When the Crash happens Banks will not move money. Transactions will freeze and Electricity companies cannot pay for natural resources such as coal. Delivery companies will be at a standstill. This leads to closed markets, stores closing and hunger.

The Global Currency Reset
The Global Currency Reset Agenda of the 209 Nation Alliance was to replace fiat currencies with gold/asset-backed notes and thereby stabilize the Global Financial System while Restoring the Republics of 209 nations so as to function under concepts of the Original Constitution.

“In the Direction of Hope”

We shape our own future and can choose who we want to become. If we look for evidence of love and kindness, we will find them. If we seek beauty and grace, they will come into our lives. If we search for things to appreciate, we will discover them in abundance. If we look with hope for a way forward, we will find it, for all the while if we are searching for God, we will find Him.

Judy Note:
Since the early 1800s the Deep State has controlled our lives and pocketbooks. The historical Global Currency Reset about to take place would change all that and give us back our God given Freedoms.
Food shortages across the world continued, and weren’t expected to end any time soon, perhaps not until the end of 2023.
Deep State Soros/ Obama/ Clintons/ Chinese Communist Party/ Vatican/ Microsoft ect. compromised the 2020 Election, funded creating of the CV-19 virus and now was promoting vaccines that maimed and killed, especially children.
There were over 400 sites in place across the US for the Deep State to instigate riots, which could happen when the decision of the Supreme Court was announced to overturn Rowe vs. Wade tomorrow Thurs. 9 June.
Nations and their White Hat Militaries have been placed on High Alert – a suspected precursor to Martial Law across the globe to Restore Republics and complete a Global Currency Reset.

What We Think We Know as of Thurs. 9 June 2022:
• The National Guard will be deployed in and around Washington, DC soon to deal with potential violence surrounding the Roe v. Wade abortion case. https://www.kurv.com/fox-news-national-guard-to-be-deployed-for-abortion-decision/
• “It’s Time. They underestimated us. They thought their demonic plan would work and everyone would kneel to their deranged will. They were terribly wrong. They will never change what we really are: God’s creation!”…Donald Trump
• Vaccinate Children? Expect Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Impaired DNA Repair. “High probability, we’re gonna see a real spike in childhood cancers because of this (vaccination), and they’re ignoring that. One of the really frightening studies was [that] it impairs DNA repair, and these DNA repair enzymes are very efficient at fixing that damage. They found that after vaccination, the vaccine actually impaired two of the most critical of these DNA repair enzymes.” …Dr. Russell Blaylock
• “Smallpox Vaccine Triggered Aids Virus.” …The London Times May 11, 1987
• Vaccination Causes Serious Adverse Events Including Abortion “A Pfizer document reveals between 82-97% of pregnant women (who had been vaccinated in a Pfizer study) lost their babies. 45% of the 270 pregnant mothers reported adverse clinical events, and more than 60% of these were serious.” … Dr. Naomi Wolf
• Blackouts in Berlin: A power outage in Berlin knocked out the Vattenfall Klingenberg heating plant in the Rummelsburg district. As reports, 370,000 Berlin households are currently without hot water and heating, & all rail traffic has also collapsed. Basically, it was two blackouts that left 390,000 households in Berlin without electricity today. https://www.focus.de/panorama/heizkraftwerk-ausgefallen-370-000-berliner-haushalte-ohne-warmwasser-und-heizung_id_36711712.html

>The Plan To Save The World<

>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

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