Every single thing is all outlined in CURRENT BIPARTISAN LEGISLATION. That’s how the Government operates and Orders are how the Military operates with Codes and Acts supporting the Constitution. – Derek Johnson

10 Minute Red Pill; Derek Johnson, September 20, 2023

ALL Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed and linked on this page. Derek Johnson WALKTHROUGHS

I’m going to address this for many emails and people I know asking me.

As always, this is for “we the people.”

One, it’s the Emergency Alert System. Launched January 1, 1997.

Formerly known as the EBS. But the Emergency Override System was more commonly used and still in use for areas that haven’t been upgraded by EAS.

Anyone who’s telling you to turn your phones off on October 4th doesn’t know their bumhole from a hole in the ground. 

It was FEMA and the FCC who put out that there’s going to be a test that day. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Guess who’s on the front pages of the FCD1 and FCD2? FEMA and Department of Homeland Security.

And there’s MORE than enough bipartisan legislation showing FEMA and DHS operating with Military and Support Partner Forces to show the GOOD GUYS are in control. 

Every single thing is all outlined in CURRENT BIPARTISAN LEGISLATION. That’s how the Government operates and Orders are how the Military operates with Codes and Acts supporting the Constitution. 

This is why Americans look dumb. Don’t like the word ‘dumb?’ Then stop acting like it or following those who are.

You either believe in the Military Operation with Continuity of Government OR you need to just give completely into all the attention whoremongers and oxygen wasters. 

Either dedicate your time to a Veteran showing you all the tools of current, bipartisan Legislation, which are all publicly posted on dot Gov and Mil sites, or stay camped out with Stuart Little and the Podashians all day who don’t know shit from shinola. 

Remember those 50 Senators who received Emergency Satellite Phones? No, most of you don’t because of the short attention spans the Federal Corporation has put on you for the past 60 years. 

FCD1 has two chapters titled: Devolution and Reconstitution. Now ask yourself, have you ever heard of those? Why would those be prevalent all of a sudden? And why would Reconstitution be prevalent?

There’s Bills introduced for a Constitutional Convention. Have you ever read Article V of the Constitution? Doubt it. Majority of Americans cannot use a 4 way stop or yield sign correctly, much less read the front page of these.

There’s been 6 issues under the FCD1 and FCD2… the most recent being July 2023. 

Why was the January 15, 2021, Federal Continuity Directive issue titled, Executive Branch Reconstitution? What all happened to distract the heck out of Americans in January 2021, alone?

The Military Occupancy and Continuity of Government started in 2016. And that’s ALWAYS the umbrella and that’s ALWAYS where you revert back to when your little hamster in your squigly matter locked in your cranium starts floating away in Sharteritaville with all the dandelions who are trying to appear to be daisies. 

CIC Trump told you on January 20, 2017, “we are taking the power from D.C. and giving it back to you the people.” That didn’t mean to run to 7 trillion podcasters with fancy scripts and backgrounds and place all your trust there. That meant to re-educate or educate yourselves on our Foundation, Legislation, and the levels of Government, and Military.


Before CIC Trump went to Ohio… FEMA wasn’t going. When asked what he recommended… he told the public THEN FEMA announced they’d be going to Ohio.

Why’s the Nuclear Football been such a topic in the news? Before it was so prevalent, how many Americans knew what the Nuclear Football was?

Do you know what’s in Nuclear Football? EAS communications for CIC.

Every tool one needs are in current bipartisan legislation, publicly posted, that has a blueprint. I help with my blueprint from 2015 to present day all with dot Gov and Mil sites outlining the Military Operation and Continuity of Government. 

The Military operates via a Chain of Command, from the top down, on Orders with Laws and Codes. That’s why the Aircraft pics are so important… they’re all under Orders already stamped and approved.

Every time I post a pic, then you should automatically know those Orders are still in place, haven’t been terminated, because they’re all under the Occupancy and COG.

Stop making it complicated. The swamp’s being drained… and it’s about high time to drain the podcast swamp too.

I’m a Veteran keeping my Oath and serving beyond service using my brain to show what’s already put in place… I’m not a “podcaster.” And many better start getting in gear for you the people… or I will start using names. 

The misleading of innocent Americans all for $$$ or cool status isn’t going to fly much longer.

They’re about to find out why God put some of us here. 🎯

Better start shaping up or prepare to ship out

Derek Johnson – RattleTrap 1776 https://rumble.com/user/RattleTrap1776


FCD1 – FEMA and DHS:

FCD2 – FEMA and DHS:

Derek Johnson – RattleTrap 1776 https://rumble.com/user/RattleTrap1776


ALL Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed and linked on this page. Derek Johnson WALKTHROUGHS

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Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

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