Do you understand the Big Pharma Evil scam now?

Everybody they kill with their toxic pills and opioids are just classified as Cancer, Sudden deaths, cardiac arrests, etc. Big Pharma are protected by the Law and Government with no liabilities. So they are poisoning people worldwide and making TONS of money doing it. Then if they die, they will NEVER correlate to any pills they take and they will say any other cause of deaths. Why do you think prescription drugs rises at the same time as cancer and heart attacks, etc. While Big Pharma profits rises too. It’s a MASSIVE global scam. And all Doctors are just Drug dealers paid commission by corrupt Big Pharma criminals.

When doctors clients dies, it doesn’t matter at all, they just replace them with new clients bringing even more money. Do NOT trust your killer Doctor. They are killing people and this is crimes against humanity. This is also why Trump wants death penalty for “Drug Dealers”. This is NOT for natural Cannabis/Mushrooms sellers. This is for Killer Big Pharma Opioids and Doctors sellers that are killing MILLIONS per year with this disguised scam. People are getting poisoned by toxic chemicals in petroleum based meds prescribed by Doctors that are supposed to be health experts helping us not killing us. Doctors get paid commission for selling meds for Big Pharma.

Do you really think they think about your health or about money? If one pill is making them more money but worse for you, they’ll always choose money. That’s why they are making super high salaries $300k/year and even more. They get paid all inclusive travels and vacations to attend Big Pharma fake “Seminars” and getting brainwashed and bought. This is straight up selling your soul to the Devil. Time to wake up NOW!


Dr. William Bay apologizes for not speaking out sooner, afraid of losing his livelihood

New World Order Plan?

Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations, it’s game over. They will accept anything – forcible organ or blood donation “for the greater good.” We can genetically modify children and sterilize them “for the greater good.” Control sheep’s minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions – and many of you in this room are investors. It’s a big win-win. We thin out the herd and the herd pays us for extermination services.

Henry Kissinger in a speech to the WHO Council on Eugenics, Feb. 5 2009

Laura Logan: “They are not elite, they are a cult.” “their single objective is to eliminate God.”

Abigail Shrier – Science, the Transgender Phenomenon, and the Young

WORLD PREMIERE: These Little Ones [Heartbreaking]
Millions of children vanish each year.
83,000 each month.
2,700 a day.
115 per hour.
1 every 30 seconds.
It makes you wonder…where do they all go? These Little Ones

What is the [evil] behind all this and what is it [trying] to do? David Icke

>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

Uncensored Alternative News Media

Ascension All Connected and Also Important

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