Consider how far we have moved towards some Q’s general predictions

I don’t have much patience for Q naysayers anymore, but regardless of any complex & specific Q proofs let’s just zoom out for a minute & consider how far we have moved towards some Q’s general predictions.

It’s quite astonishing how these promises have or soon will be fulfilled.

‘We are in an INFORMATION WAR’ – bare in mind that this was hardly a concept that most of us had even considered before reading Q drops. Jump to 2022 & Musk has just seized control of the World’s biggest source of information. Now he’s totally weaponising it against the enemy as the World watches. Hell of a coincidence right?

‘The Great Awakening’. Another Q concept. Compare the World 5 years ago. We are already 100x more awake as a population, and Musk & Trump have only just started to do the real damage. The Great Awakening is upon us.

‘NCSWIC’ – Nothing can stop what is coming. And nothing did. Consider how much effort from the infamous ‘Playbook’ has been thrown at the World / but did it stop what is coming? It certainly doesn’t look like it. We’re kicking their teeth in and it’s only going to get worse. Another slam dunk for what Q predicted.

It might be a painfully slow process for many, but the magnitude of what’s being done is far beyond the comprehension of almost any one of us. Your impatience is futile, don’t forget that.

I’m fairly confident (like 100%) that the rest of the Plan will fulfil its promise of the ‘Destruction of the Old Guard’ no matter how long this might take.

Enjoy the show’ was posted over & over again for this reason. You can moan & regret that this was not over years ago, or you can remain patient & witness this incredible event unfold as we stride towards victory & justice.

‘JUSTICE’ – another Q promise which we should look forward to. (For now we are in the inflicting ‘PAIN’ phase).


Riccardo Bosi – STEP UP – WAKE UP – There are forces at play beyond your comprehension

Q Movement is very real – Riccardo Bosi – NCSWIC – WWG1WGA

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>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

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