CERN home of the >CIA

CERN home of the >CIA

_Because CERN is the largest and most advanced nuclear and
particle physics laboratory in the world, security at the top-secret facility is the most stringent on Earth. Consequently, it’s the perfect place to hide the entrance to the one and only Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
As originally depicted in the March 31, 2015, report entitled “10 Reasons Why Switzerland is Home to the CIA”, hard evidence now confirms that Switzerland is in fact harboring the CIA. However, exactly where CIA Headquarters is located within Switzerland has remained a mystery—until now.
In short, CERN serves as the secret entrance to CIA Headquarters which is located in the underwater Alpine canyons of Lake Geneva, a lake so deep it had to be explored by Mir 1and Mir 2, Russian submarines which are known for their ability to dive up to 6,000 meters (19,685 feet).
Consequently, CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva is only accessible via underground trains from CERN, and via submarines which travel through a 275 kilometer (170 mile) subterranean tunnel which evidently begins in Genova, Italy, and ends in Lake Geneva.
Although only conjecture, it appears that Sub-Biosphere 2 is modeled after CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva. This notion is based on the fact that the Sub-Biosphere 2 mimics the Big European Bubble Chamber (BEBC) which evidently serves as the central command center.
CERN’s LEP Tunnel, which is 26.659 kilometers (16.6 miles) in length, admittedly passes through Switzerland and France, likely en route to CIA Headquarters. Coincidentally, CERN is roughly 27 kilometers from the center of Lake Geneva (i.e., 46°27’19.8″N 6°36’01.9″E) where CIA Headquarters is evidently located.
Therefore, it appears that CERN’s LEP Tunnel is political cover for the subterranean tunnel through which daily commuter trains shuttle CIA personal from the suburbs of Geneva, Switzerland, to CIA Headquarters deep beneath Lake Geneva

CIA Headquarters is evidently known as the “North Area”, one of CERN’s so-called experimental sites. The North Area is reportedly the largest of the experimental sites within thePrévessin site which is allegedly the target station for non-collider experiments on the SPS accelerator.

Geneva essentially runs the underworld at the behest of the CIA, it has been given the nickname of “The Global City”.

The notion that CERN is the secret entrance to CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva is corroborated by the fact that as of 2013, CERN had 2,513 staff members and 12,313 fellows, associates and apprentices, a majority of which are CIA personal.

Anthony Patch explaining what the real purpose for CERN is and its link to the transhumanism agenda

CERN home of the >CIA [Part 2]

Considering that approximately 15,000 people commute to CERN and/or CIA Headquarters on a daily basis, they must do so via secret underground trains as there are no major parking lots at CERN as seen in the aerial view of CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia.
The notion that CERN’s supercomputer is being used as a weapon is foreshadowed in the novel “Angels & Demons” (2000) by Dan Brown which portrays antimattercreated at CERN being used in a weapon against the Vatican. In reality however, CERN is being used as a weapon against all of humanity.
The notion that CERN is responsible for orchestrating the chaos and terror of the underworld is corroborated by a report from June 7, 2015, which stated that the impendingapocalyptic man-made asteroid attack will “be started by CERN’s Large Hadron Collider”.
A secondary report dated June 8, 2015, stated that scientists at CERN could “cause a black hole” and that “The CERN logo is 666 – the sign of the beast” could bring theoretically bring about the “end of days” event as foreshadowed in the book Roman Catholic Church’s Book of Revelation.
In short, CERN is ultimately responsible for any future apocalyptic-like event that could theoretically destroy planet Earth (e.g., asteroid attack, biological pandemic, nuclear terror attack, World War III, etc.) which is exactly what one would expect from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

_With the CIA trafficking the most drugs, Weapons, human, child trafficking, killings of presidentts, prime ministers and world leaders across the world leading to False colour Revolutions within the past century, it’s a wonder society still doesn’t understand Facebook and many social media networks were created by the CIA and DARPA projects.

To this day the EXPOSURE of the CIA and World Deep state is on fast track direct to civilizations and societies across the world in the Great AWAKENING movement.

The Geneva Tunnel

Although only conjecture, it’s highly likely that Genova, Italy marks the entrance of a 275 kilometer (170 mile) subterranean tunnel which allows submarines emanating from Greenland to access CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva. This notion is corroborated by the fact that Geneva (G+N+V) and Genova (G+N+V) are consonantly the same name which suggests that the “Geneva Tunnel” may in fact be the tunnel’s official name. The flag of Genova and the coat of arms of Genovabear a Roman cross similar to the flag of Switzerland and identical to the logo of the Red Cross which is coincidentally headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. In other words, the names and symbols associated with the Genova are in essentially Swiss. Interestingly, back in 1946, a colossal drilling project was initiated to carve a tunnel through the base of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps. Said project eventually became known as the Mont Blanc Tunnel which would ultimately connect Chamonix, France, with Courmayeur, Italy. Considering thatCERN
was publicly founded on September 29, 1954, it appears that the Mont Blanc Tunnel may have been the cover project for the construction of the Geneva Tunnel between Genova and Geneva. In the event that both tunnels were being built simultaneously, any and all tunnel-related seismic-like activity from the Geneva Tunnel would naturally be blamed on the building of the Mont Blanc Tunnel. The notion that the Mont Blanc Tunnel was cover for the Geneva Tunnel is corroborated by the fact that the Mont Blanc Tunnel took 20-years to complete, despite being only 11.611 kilometers (7.215 miles) in length. Conversely, theGotthard Base Tunnel, which includes 151.84 km (94.3 miles) of tunnels, also took 20-years to complete. The argument that improvements in technology is ultimately responsible for the more than tenfold increase in the tunnel’s completion rate, consider this: the Simplon Tunnel beneath the Swiss-Italian Alps was under only construction for 9-years (1912 to 1921) and is 39.524 kilometers (24.5591 miles) in length. Therefore, the 20-years construction of the 11.611 kilometers (7.215 miles) Mont Blanc Tunnel suggests that it was construction cover for the construction of the Geneva Tunnel which is located directly to the east of it. The notion that a base-level tunnel could be bored 275 kilometers (170 miles) beneath the Alps is supported by the fact that of the world’s longest and deepest known tunnels, Switzerland is home or party to at least 11 of them, totaling 315.937 kilometers (196.314 miles) in length. These tunnels include but are not limited to: theGotthard Base Tunnel (57.104 kilometers), the Mont d’Ambin Base Tunnel (57 kilometers), the Ceneri Base Tunnel (39.8 kilometers), the Lötschberg Base Tunnel(34.57 kilometers), the LEP Tunnel (26.659 kilometers), the Simplon Tunnel (19.824 kilometers), the Vereina Tunnel (19.058 kilometers), the Gotthard Road Tunnel(16.9 kilometers), the Furka Base Tunnel(15.407 kilometers), the Gotthard Tunnel(15.003 kilometers), and the Lötschberg Tunnel (14.612 kilometers).

The Geneva Tunnel system connects to the VATICAN tunnel systems which houses over 60 miles of Books/under ground libraries hidden from society and including 54 hidden books originally part of the Great Bible.

These tunnel systems connect to through Europe to the middle east and up through Ukraine into Sweden and up to the North Poles under ground bases.

Since the beginnings of 2014 MILITARY operations have targeted and destroyed vast networks of the under ground Tunnels systems. In 20(17) Full operations began to destroy the world tunnel systems and free those born in the dark and bring an END to the DEEP STATE empire that stretch back thousands of years to biblical accounts of demons, devil’s and serpent people who were born in the under worlds.

Jaw-dropping photos taken above CERN’s Large Hadron Collider lead to wild new conspiracy theories and ‘prove portals are opening’

From tomorrow the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator will start smashing protons together at unprecedented energy levels, CERN announced today.

Death Star Appears Over CERN, Switzerland, Home of the CIA

As originally depicted in the August 1, 2015, report entitled “Death Star Appears Over CERN, Switzerland, Home of the CIA”, back in March of 2015, Swiss citizens began to notice a bright new star in Switzerland’s western sky. Vividly brighter than Venus which flanked it, the apparently man-made star was located approximately 100 miles above the Earth in Lower Earth Orbit (LEO). Interestingly, the man-made star was temporarily positioned above CERN which is located just outside of Geneva, Switzerland, the de facto capitol of the underworld. Coincidentally, the geometry of CERN mimics that of the Death Star from Star Wars exactly. This is no coincidence for CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva has been responsible for executing virtually all of the assassinations, terror attacks and wars witnessed in the underworld over the last 715 years. Exactly what the CIA Death Star is or how arrived above CERN not yet known, but it’s appearance just happened to coincide with the cover of the Swiss CIA being blown for the first time in history on March 31, 2015, as depicted in the report entitled “10 Reasons Why Switzerland is Home to the CIA”. Although only conjecture, it appears that the sole power of planet Earth (i.e., the Roman Empire in Greenland) decided to elevate the command part of its CIA Headquarters to the CIA Death Star above CERN in order to prevent CIA minions on the ground from discovering that they’re actually not in charge. In other words, the CIA in Switzerland runs the underworld at the behest of the Greco-Roman Empire in Greenland. Consequently, once the operational cover of the CIA was blown for the first time in history, the headquarters of the CIA were subsequently moved to the CIA Death Star, out of harm’s way. Whether or not the International Space Station (ISS) is the operational cover for the CIA Death Star is not yet known, but the term “ISS” (S+S) and “Suisse” (S+S) are consonantly speaking the same. Therefore, the term ISS may in fact be code word for the CIA Death Star. Whether or not Greco-Romans are now traveling back and forth from Greenland to Switzerland via the CIA Death Star is also not known, but the star’s appearance in March of 2015 and its subsequent disappearance around July 15, 2015, is highly suspect to say the least. In all likelihood, the CIA Death Star has either: a) returned to Greenland or another remote location where it remains hidden from the prying eyes of underworld, or b) landed somewhere within the CERN complex (possibly beneath Lake Geneva), an unlikely feat due to its size.


Military Alliance Operations to capture CERN SUPER COMPUTER “Tier 0”

In Early 2012 MiL. Operations began to infiltrate the CIA CERN facility and map the underground tunnels systems that connected the European continent through the world using Super fast Maglev trains .

By 2014 over 300 military operators had infiltrated the deep state CERN operations as workers, technicians, engineers and scientists and by 2014 the first waves of tectonic weapons were used to collapsed tunnel systems that connected France, Italy, Austria to the CIA lake Geneva underground head quarters. Operations were conducted from Norway via Germany with ALLIANCE military force ops. By 2017 The eventual sabotage from within CERN and outside tunnel corridor’s that housed Nuclear Energy were dismantled by Special forces and short Battle took place beneath lake Geneva
And by mid summer the Supercomputer came into the hands of Mil. White Hats

SC “Tier 0” of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG), conducted via the LHC Optical Private Network (LHCOPN). Data is reportedly sent out from CERN via the LHCOPN to 11 “Tier 1” academic institutions in Asia, Europe and North America via dedicated 10 Gbit/s links. Translation: orders are sent out from CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva to 11 CIA substations around the world, one of which is located in Langley, Virginia. More than 150 “Tier 2” institutions are subsequently connected to the CIA’s 11 “Tier 1” institutions, creating a network of CIA sub-stations that double as Research and Education Network (NREN) centers. Although NRENs are allegedly dedicated to supporting the needs of research and education within a given community, they actually serve as the CIA’s secret sub-station which conducts assassinations, espionage, and terror attacks.

BY 2019 Whites Hats military operations took Full control of the CERN.

The technology inside CERN is deeply connected to The ROSWELL CRASH and TESLA CLASSIFIED technology ( both connect time traveling. Roswell UFO technology opens doors to portals 400 Mile’s below the Earth’s crust and mantel that houses another ocean and hidden society)

The French ROTHSCHILDs Elite family who help create the FBI with descendants of Jesuits Army and Napoleon blood lines stole the technology from the United States military in the 1900s….>Until now the Q CLASSIFIED operations has finally back in it’s grasp one of humanities greatest machines that measures 17 miles in length and has the power to recreate time/ has healing properties and connects CIVILIZATIONs across the universe and through the Earth’s inner most planetary secrets.

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