NEWS/Quick reads 8th April 2023

JUST IN – House Oversight Committee subpoenaed Bank of America, Cathay Bank, JPMorgan Chase, and HSBC USA N.A., as well as former Hunter Biden business associate Mervyn Yan, asking for Biden family’s financial records – Fox News Several major U.S. banks subpoenaed for financial records belonging to the Biden family.

Maoist Survivor Issues Chilling Warning to Those Celebrating Trump Arrest: ‘Cheering for Your Own Demise’ “When the totalitarian wins, no one is safe, we will all become victim[s],” Fleet reportedly continued. “After the cultural revolution, what happened is China was brought to ruins and 20 some million lives lost. American people need to learn the history of the communism and to see that it is repeating right here in America.”

Just in: House Oversight Committee Issues Subpoenas to Several Major Banks for Biden Family Financial Records
“It is One of the Darkest Moments of the Biden Presidency” – CBS Blasts Biden For Shameful Attempt to Rewrite History on Deadly Afghanistan Withdrawal Hunter Biden broke federal law when he failed to register under the FARA, represented the “spy chief of China,” and received $1 million.
After the DOJ convicted Hunter’s “client” for international bribery, Hunter complained that China retaliated by arresting “CIA operatives.”
Legal Expert Warns How DA Bragg Violated Trump’s 6th Amendment Rights
Democrat Expected to Switch Parties, Join GOP — Possibly Causing Major Implications A quick recap.

Find out where the money from PrivatBank in Ukraine went, and then we are in business. If we want to look into Biden’s dirtiest of dealings, this is the one he was most defensive about and most concerned about Trump finding. Precedent established. Let’s dance.

The UN Security Council rejected a proposal for an international independent investigation of the Nord Stream pipeline attack. The resolution received support from Russia, China, and Brazil, while the US, UK, France, and other nations chose to abstain.

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