What you are seeing here is just a small tip of the SPEAR

Behind the scenes I have been telling you for 3 years special forces created by JFK ( Green Berets were going to go after the deep state in operations that would be seen>overt… But still 90 % of the operations are COVERT / this is due to military codes and laws of treason and sedation.

So everything must be done in informal military tactics to set up Military. Police. Sheriffs. National guards into positioning systems to counter the deep state U.S.. Military being/ government being controlled by
Biden/Obama/CIA DAVOS CABAL+ /

Through all these CHESS moves to go after Biden, WEF. DAVOS. [ DS] GOVERNMENT CIA. [ DS] Mil. Sectors intelligence agencies. Etc
TRUMP had to be careful not to cause an insurrection or be directly connected. Musk, Kash + all couldn’t be connected to MAJOR CHESS MOVES that seemed like Treasonous acts or sebaceous moves….. That was the reason they placed Alex Jones back into a power circle to head the spear.. because Jones would only be seen as a civilian with conspiracy ethnical views…….but with Tucker behind Jones and MUSK backing him up they had a plan to create movements through one of biggest podcasters on the world INFOWARS > JONES

*Remember I told you of JFK and his creation of Special forces to combat a tyrannical deep state U.S. Government in a time absolute totalitarian control was going to happen.
_and this was the reason Trump> Melania Trump gave the Tiffany Blue box to the OBAMAs and Melania Tiffany Blue dress were COMMS for BLUE- SKY operations to take place to take down the WORLD CABAL<

:Succession of current time line
Alex Jones admits in his show that Trump placed MUSK into chief position inside the USSF as a commander. _Days later Melania Trump openly wants Tucker Carlson for VP ( CARLSON goes world viral ) _Within 80 hours as Tucker is trending he interviews Alex Jones and there after Jones starts trending _few days later MUSK allows to reinstate Jones to Twitter> X ( JONES TRENDS AGAIN) then. MUSK. Flynn. VIVEK, Jones, Patrick Bet- David, Tate all come together in X Spaces

NOW_ ( JONES) INFOWARS has is highest ratings and views in ten years after MUSK, CARLSON ( Melania) push him into the world viral spotlight<

NOW you have A Green Beret from the Special Forces helping guide facilitate operations against” DAVOS” the corrupt U.S. system and chain of commands and stating their is an intentional guided invasion into the U.S. and a bioweapon is being used against U.S. citizens And he is broadcasting this to millions of people through JONES> INFOWARS////_

WIRES>]; There is far more military Oath keepers and strong powerful divisions that are coming out. In Texas. California. Arizona and the intense U.S. Standoff grows into full operations zones in 2024

Storm Rider

MORE > IT HAS BEGUN – 34,000 U.S. Military Oath Keepers into a Texas to defend the Constitution , and the Revolt against the Deep State government and their Elites

>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

Uncensored Alternative News Media

Ascension All Connected and Also Important

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