CABLES>]:Russia hypersonic missiles destroy 400 meter deep NATO underground base near Kiev with over 300 TOP [ NATO] UKRAINE COMMANDERS killed.

This story is only breaking and hitting some open sources till now

RUSSIAs REVENGE for the NATO attack on Russia soil<

In an early morning attack on targets across the Ukraine country, Russian forces fired hypersonic missiles, known as Kinzhals — or “Daggers” in Russian ////— > fired to Ukrainian forces and to NATO underground base.
_Ukraine defensive capabilities are not up to the task of taking out a Kinzhal.

The CABLES; reports after the destruction of the [ NATO] underground command base in Kiev , the UKRAINE military defense began to fall apart and NATO lost hope as did the [ DS] U.S. MILITARY OPERATIONS hosting commands from the Kiev base.

Within days EU military intelligence informed France. Germany Italy of the NATO base command lost in Kiev Ukraine and in that moment the French leader went to China to place allegiance to XI as did German chancellor months before…. Then immediately after the destruction of the UNDERGROUND NATO U.S. CONTROLLED BASE IN KIEV UKRAINE the PENTAGON CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS LEAKED<

It’s becoming clear a MASSIVE cover up is happening and NATO keeps hosting secret emergency meetings trying to keep NATO countries from leaving…. As TURKEY begins Alliance with Russia and china and plans to leave NATO, as Germany has stopped payments for the second time to NATO and France commanders talk of leaving NATO.

NATO. RUSSIAN. EU. U.S. are suppressing the destruction of the NATO. U.S. BASE IN KIEV UKRAINE……..> All the parties are involved in keeping the MASSIVE NATO BASE DESTRUCTION a secret as they are all truly avoiding a NUCLEAR WAR … The second reasons nobody is talking about the destroyed NATO base is because> U S. EU. RUSSIA are all seeking to be the leader of the RECONSTRUCTION OF UKRAINE A multiTRILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ project… And another reason the Story was surpressed was because BIDEN ( OBAMA/CIA) DO NOT HAVE THE MILITARY CODES>FOR THE U S. NUCLEAR ARSENAL AND Protocols and ATTACK LAUNCH PROCEDURES _AND NATO .EU. MIL. ARE VERY WELL AWARE TRUMP IS HIDING THE MILITARY CODES…. AND DISPLACING THE LONG AWAITED DEEP STATE NUCLEAR WAR AGENDA/////

[ NATO] is falling apart before our very eyes and countries are turning on the U.S. Biden admin and NATO. UN.

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Ukraine DENAZIFICATION – Operation Liberation / FULL DOKU 2022

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