Billionaires>>White hats FORCE / _Emerging/

Last year i dropped a story of an Alliance of BILLIONAIRES that was merging and forming,
This >operators< ( military) of this Alliance has direct roots to 2014 and bringing several Billionaires from across the world and were told to prepare for a future battle that would involve humanity and the bioweapons release and attempt to kill more than than half of the world population, they were told their money would be seized and their asset’s frozen and family could die inside the Man made pandemic.//// 12 of these Billionaires have an estimate of 800,000 Billion and trillions together in a net work that controls hundreds of millionaires<>>
_ The top billionaires were guilded to DATABANKS that were created and installed by the white hats military intelligence.

Today the Whites hats Billionaires are surfacing
Such as Phillip Argillier in France who has a prestige back ground and works directly with several Presidents across the world and has influence over them with his Billionaires Alliance Operations<
_since 1998 the U.S military intelligence brigade in unison with the U.S. Air Force ( beginnings of USSF ) intelligence had started operations of DATABANKS / to collect all information world wide
( They knew the deep state was doing the same project for DARK agendas connected to future control through bioweapons, Pandemic<)

TODAY> 4 of these DATABANKS are in the hands of Billionaires Alliance who have all the evidence and back channels, and over 100 Terabytes of world crimes against humanity in their possessions ( as do the mil ops and Special operators who hold KEYS TO > ] KILLSWITCH [ OPS<

The POWERFUL CHESS moves taking place behind the scenes is connected to FLIPPING DOCTORS, LAWYERS, GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, ELITES , PUBLIC INFLUENCERS ECT …. And at the same time….a >form< of BLACKMAIL mechanism is held over the DEEP STATE Operators to FLIP and join the massive Alliance to bring down the [ DS] .. The FALL OF THE CABAL.

Now you know why the Biden administration is trying desperately to bring an investigation against MUSK and his connection to Mohammed Bin Salman( blood oath keeper to Trump)

if your new to my Qtsr channel..i have been talking about MUSK and MBS and Trump for two years.. Long before anyone knew what was happening…


Operations in progress<

>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

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