As the DEEP STATE media >MSM has been lying over Ukraine ( NATO) winning in Bakhmut… The MSM lies have finally fallen

WELL WELL, the truth is coming out that Bakhmut has fallen..

As the DEEP STATE media >MSM has been lying over Ukraine ( NATO) winning in Bakhmut… The MSM lies have finally fallen…..

This channel and several major sources have been right all along that Bakhmut was getting ready to fall full Russian control… And had been happening.. But MSM was gas lighting the public saying Ukraine was winning Bakhmut..

Now with Russia having over 180,000 troops in Belarus and on northern Russian border on high alart and ready to enter Ukraine.. the southern and western forces of Russia military is planning their next biggest move, offensive operations from 3 different regions.. ( I had stated this was going to happen last month…. From the North, East and South the Russian would move) ….

Odessa has been cut off from NATO support and naturalized as the Roads coming from NATO Romanian bases over bridges have been taken down and NATO cannot deliver weapons.

_PANIC has hit UKRAINE and NATO as they are forced to recall over 30,000 Ultraman troops from Germany, UK. Poland ,,ect ect that were their for training under NATO .

The Russian SATS. Intelligence surveillance system has proven to overpower Ukraine and NATO operations and systematically destroyed air defense systems through Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin has stationed 18 nuclear-capable tactical bombers near the NATO border in a stark caution to the West.

A haunting new satellite image exposes the extent of the display, revealing a variety of these nuclear jets readied at Olenya Air Base on Russia’s Kola Peninsula – simply 130 miles from Finland and Norway.

This comes after Russia warned UK of sending long range missiles to UK.

As we come into NUCLEAR _EVENTS and [ DS] NATO/satanic UN cult > DAVOS 4rth Reich regimen CIA panicking and their War plans are falling…… Their next move>Plan is a MASSIVE catastrophic attack on a small island in the Bahamas or Indonesia to cause MASSIVE deaths to began FALSE FLAG scenarios to cause distractions over the UKRAINE losing the war ( CIA operations failure) and U.S. EXPOSURE of CIA. FBI. And falling regimen of
Biden administration ( CIA operations) ……..

Next plans of the[ DS] is trying to cause a MASSIVE death EVENT of over 20,000_ 40,000 people on an island or coastal city.

In other news
Panic in EU as Epstein connections resurfacing and banks EXPECTED to caught in the huge Epstein ( CIA. MOSSAD ECT) money laundering operations and scandals.

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