Alex Collier Interview

Alex Collier claims to be Andromedan contactee. Andromedans are benevolent human extraterrestrials from constellation of Andromeda. The contacts with this ET race started in 1964, when Alex was a little boy. In 1985, the contacts became more frequent, and he was given information about: different ET races, who have visited Earth one time or another, our genetics composed of 22 different ET races, our spirituality, Earth agenda, secret government aka ”Illuminati” or ”New World Order”, our religions and the history of Earth and our Universe. In early 1990’s, he started lecturing across the United States and also published a book called ”Defending Sacred Ground” and ”Letters From Andromeda”. He doesn’t profit from his works in any way whatsoever, and in fact was told not to.

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Alex Collier – Webinar 112 – June 26, 2020

>>THE FALL OF THE CABAL – The Birth of the Cabal<<

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