1776 wasn’t that long ago

It wasn’t that long ago.

In 1776 was the first time EVER a country decided to govern themselves.
Before that it’s always been commie dictatorships (Kings and Queens) and full control over the people by just a few. This controlling entity never stopped trying to regain full control back over the US and this world, so it can do whatever it wants. The Declaration of Independence, the first of its kind, was ONLY signed 224 years ago. The Declaration of Independence is the ONLY reason we have some form of perceived freedoms in the world today, unlike the rest of history.

Right now, this entity and its control structure is being forced out into the light worldwide. It’s the first time this world can fully free itself from this cycle of death and destruction that’s been taking place on the planet for 1000s of years. It really is a biblical moment in time.

The crypto technology they want to use to fully electronically enslave humanity. Will now be used to save humanity by way of decentralization, just like God’s laws, our God given rights and the Constitution for the US were setup and how the United States is decentralized, so the Government POWER was never centralized like the old days, that always made a country easy to steal at one point of control. So now the world money system will also be decentralized, so no one entity can EVER regain central control of the planet, money and control of everything. We are breaking the cycle!

I find it funny that the same tech will now save humanity from itself, as we have shown for 1000s of years that we cannot be trusted as individuals with all that central power over others. It has always turn to greed and destruction over and over throughout the ages. God has had enough of this evil WE have allow into our consciousness. It’s all based on Free will. Even good and bad is allowed.

It’s time to choose if you stand and will follow evil and it’s poison or stand with God.

America is going back to the full 1776 Constitution and 1776 Constitutional law.

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