Riccardo Bosi briefs his supporters for the coming NSW Election

In front of an enthusiastic crowd of freedom loving supporters, Riccardo Bosi outlined some strategy for his group in the run-up to the NSW State Election. Bosi is running as an Independent Candidate with a group of like minded candidates. The World Wide Freedom Rally was held outside the Russian Consulate in Sydney. Attendees were polite and well behaved as has been the case with Sydney Freedom Rallies. With Bosi at the rally were fellow candidates, Jackie George, Franco Todisco and the irrepressible David “Guru” Graham.

How the Real World Works with Riccardo Bosi

Ukraine DENAZIFICATION – Operation Liberation

Riccardo Bosi Australia one interview – Caution! Prepare Yourself

Latest Video interview with Riccardo Bosi (Caution! It’s real reality content)
It’s time you know the truth about this world we all live in and what’s to come.

You Will Get Through This (Stop worrying and clear your mind)

Daily Calm – 10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

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Experiences Are Divinely Timed

Australia One Party Launch Video

Riccardo Bosi, leader of Australia One Party. https://australiaoneparty.com
Former Australian Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel Riccardo Bosi

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Melbourne Event 23 October 2022 – Part 1 ~ the Situation

– COVID Deceit
– Surveillance State
– Police State
– Organ Harvesting
– Legislative Tyranny
– Humans as Lab Rats
– Conclusion

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Riccardo Bosi interview – [Nothing But The Truth] More HERE

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Australia…are you being lied to Here is the ATAGI’s (a.k.a WHO’s) definition of FULLY VACCINATED.

Interview by ZeeeMedia.com
Riccardo Bosi – Australia: What Do We Do Now? Our elections are corrupted.

Riccardo Bosi interviews General Flynn Dec 22, 2021


The most controversial interview of The 2022 Australian Federal Election! 9th May 2022

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March 16th 2022 Rumble Video Must Watch!!

Convoy To Canberra Riccardo Bosi

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John Wilson & Riccardo Bosi address huge crowd in Canberra, Australia

Aussies become a force to be reckoned with as hundreds of thousands hit parliament house in the capital Canberra February 12th

Cognitive Warfare – the battle for your mind Riccardo Bosi

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