So honored proud and humbled to have been walking this path

Forwarded from Emma Ross

ALL Financial movement must STOP for the RESET

They are trying to roll this out in a way that makes it look like it is a natural response to a natural pandemic

So it is coming out in waves and In “suspending payment” “extending deadlines” etc

Scare event necessary –

The world stops temporarily and humans will be forced to unite –

We used to say we needed a good alien invasion to bring the world together as one –

Well we got a man made virus that cannot infect conscious human beings – because they are sealed

You are sealed

Separating the wheat from the chaff –
Is separating fear from love

All fear based beliefs, energies, thoughts etc – are being purged as the world faces the fear of death and the loss of financial stability – the crash of the matrix

The Ground Crew – that was targeted by the deep fake – lost everything all ready

We’ve been speaking truth for years now – ridiculed, called crazy, ostracized, some we lost to suicide, some were placed in institutions, some were murdered, some were arrested – all ascend regardless of how they get there

This was by design and to get you prepared – once everything is lost – there is no more attachment to illusions – material things – survival instinct goes away and fear is gone

Your identity is no longer what it once was

This is what the world is facing now for the sleepers

When you have nothing left to lose – you are mentally free

You become able to discern when you are connected back to source

The world is stopping to HEAL

The world is stopping to reveal TRUTH

The world is stopping to RESET

The world is stopping because you won’t stop running off a clock and the clock isn’t real

The world is stopping for you

Ground Crew – this is your time

I am so damn honored proud and humbled to have been walking this path with all of you

Even if we aren’t 100% correct on the outcomes –

Humanity still wakes up – and that was the main point and our biggest role – to remove fear from the grid

Fear is the virus

You all deserve the utmost respect and admiration

You are no longer star seeds

You are stars!

I have nothing but love for all of you,



Make Earth Great Again

Quantum Shift

Dark to light

An old World is Crumbling

An old world is crumbling, let it.

The agenda is becoming painfully obvious, let it.

People are questioning fabricated lies they’ve been told, let them.

Others, are achingly intertwined in a dark domain of inverted reality – let them be.

Even as the matrix slowly collapses, it still uses mind games and manipulation to distort the truth, let it.

Allow the old reality to crumble.

The disproptionate ideologies of Rome to fall.

Let an inorganic reality built on global pessimism and materialistic addiction collapse.

There is an organic process trying to emerge… let it.

Those who have awakened from the matrix will not find salvation in desperately attempting to prove the matrix to itself.

Let the matrix reap its own karma, its life cycle unwind, as it has no choice but to reveal itself through clumsy missteps of parabolic paranoia and pathological persuasion.

Allow those who have a trauma bond with the matrix, to fall in love with systemic deceit.

Humans have to make mistakes to learn. Let them.

The time and focus spent detailing the corruption and mechanistic means of a dying society, can be spent building and creating anew.

Let the old world meet its fate.

No amount of psychoanalysis will cure or stop a broken system from dying.

Be the doula for a new earth.

You’re infinite potential woven into the tapestry of a new timeline.

You’re free now, if you’d like to be.

A new earth emerges, let it.

  • Mary Allison ♡
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