Time to finish what you started – JFK Secret Societies Warning Us


Special Operations Leader to Report Directly to Acting Defense Secretary

Ezra Cohen-Watnick, acting under secretary of defense for intelligence and security, who also spoke, noted that President John F. Kennedy predicted the need for special operations forces, which are particularly suited to unconventional warfare. www.defense.gov Special Operations Leader to Report Directly to Acting Defense Secretary


Secret Illuminati Satanic Covenant – There Plan – AWAKEN





Lets Recap the last few years in Australia

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Australia is under belligerent occupation and Australia and her people have had their national and individual sovereignty usurped by an Occupying Power.

This Occupying Power is not a nation state but rather a global crime syndicate comprised of a cartel of international central bankers, other transnational corporations and multiple international government agencies.

Using a fake and engineered Australian Constitution and a fake and engineered raft of fictitious corporations, these central bankers and their Australian insider traitors (>>bound together by secret oaths, secret handshakes and secret covenants<<) have enslaved the Australian people under a tyrannical regime encompassing a complete loss of rights and freedoms, underpinned by the most savage and aggressive surveillance state.


Moved: John James Wilson

(Commo John).


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The Vladimir Putin Interview – Putin Confirms: The United States Is Not Run By Its Elected Officials


Putin Confirms: The United States Is Not Run By Its Elected Officials

Putin and Tucker Carlson Interview


James O’Keefe – People familiar with tomorrow’s release keep texting me, asking if I fear for my life. Here is my response

People familiar with tomorrow’s release keep texting me, asking if I fear for my life. Here is my response:

At 39, I’ve lived a good life. Whether it’s complete or not is not up to me. What happens next, I don’t know. If there’s more to come here, so be it. I’ve learned the pursuit of truth requires extreme risk while operating without a safety net. I’ve experienced so much. I’ve lived ten lives compressed into a fraction of one.

That’s all that a man can hope for. Meteoric highs, extreme lows, and near-death experiences, Jail and jury trials, travels to every state dozens of times, adventures, travails, failures, betrayals, and loves lost and gained, repeated valleys, moving and climbing mountains, enduring multiple rebirths and renewals. 

What I learned is written in three books, particularly American Muckraker, and filmed masterclasses, released and unreleased. 

I’ve received love from a balanced family with honest parents and sincere grandparents who raised me to have a manically driven work ethic, all while believing in the best in people. From my vantage point, that last thing is on the verge of extinction unless things fundamentally change. 

I built a good organization from nothing, which did good things. I’m taking lessons from the first company and building a better one from nothing, which I know will do more extraordinary things.

Challenging Leviathan itself is hard enough.

Leviathan doesn’t like being challenged. But as nearly impossible as that is, the enemy and its injustice is no longer what bothers me. An enemy can’t betray you. Only people you think are good can do that. 

It has been an indescribable hell on earth for me to witness people go against everything they claim to believe in – everything good and right, in service to their love of money and power. I’ve witnessed envy destroy people whose hearts I thought I knew. I’ve seen an unhealthy obsession with comfort and safety from countless others. These weaknesses stand between us and what we’re “up against.”

Which leads me to the video I’m about to release. 

I’m not suicidal, but I’m also not afraid to die.

Now, I’m indifferent to the outcome and frankly numb to the consequences of truth-telling. I’ve adapted to faith over fear.

The mission is to discover other people whose principles are not for sale — who will do the right thing rather than talk about doing the right thing. I’m tired of seeing 10s of thousands of people sliding into my DMs complaining to my team about how bad things are… and then they make excuses or do nothing.

I’m tired, Boss.

So here I stand; I can do no other. As has been said, “If they’re gonna kill me, they’re going to kill me.” Let’s do this. Let’s get 2024 started. Let’s inspire others to be brave. Let’s raise the stakes. Let’s expose them all!

Stay tuned for our release tonight and please, support OMG by donating today. ()

In Truth,

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You Know NCSWIC – The People must do it themselves RISE UP – Understand what needs to happen Mil LAW


IT HAS BEGUN > 34,000 U.S. Military Oath Keepers into a Texas to defend the Constitution , and the Revolt against the Deep State government and their Elites

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What you are seeing here is just a small tip of the SPEAR

Behind the scenes I have been telling you for 3 years special forces created by JFK ( Green Berets were going to go after the deep state in operations that would be seen>overt… But still 90 % of the operations are COVERT / this is due to military codes and laws of treason and sedation.

So everything must be done in informal military tactics to set up Military. Police. Sheriffs. National guards into positioning systems to counter the deep state U.S.. Military being/ government being controlled by
Biden/Obama/CIA DAVOS CABAL+ /

Through all these CHESS moves to go after Biden, WEF. DAVOS. [ DS] GOVERNMENT CIA. [ DS] Mil. Sectors intelligence agencies. Etc
TRUMP had to be careful not to cause an insurrection or be directly connected. Musk, Kash + all couldn’t be connected to MAJOR CHESS MOVES that seemed like Treasonous acts or sebaceous moves….. That was the reason they placed Alex Jones back into a power circle to head the spear.. because Jones would only be seen as a civilian with conspiracy ethnical views…….but with Tucker behind Jones and MUSK backing him up they had a plan to create movements through one of biggest podcasters on the world INFOWARS > JONES

*Remember I told you of JFK and his creation of Special forces to combat a tyrannical deep state U.S. Government in a time absolute totalitarian control was going to happen.
_and this was the reason Trump> Melania Trump gave the Tiffany Blue box to the OBAMAs and Melania Tiffany Blue dress were COMMS for BLUE- SKY operations to take place to take down the WORLD CABAL<

:Succession of current time line
Alex Jones admits in his show that Trump placed MUSK into chief position inside the USSF as a commander. _Days later Melania Trump openly wants Tucker Carlson for VP ( CARLSON goes world viral ) _Within 80 hours as Tucker is trending he interviews Alex Jones and there after Jones starts trending _few days later MUSK allows to reinstate Jones to Twitter> X ( JONES TRENDS AGAIN) then. MUSK. Flynn. VIVEK, Jones, Patrick Bet- David, Tate all come together in X Spaces

NOW_ ( JONES) INFOWARS has is highest ratings and views in ten years after MUSK, CARLSON ( Melania) push him into the world viral spotlight<

NOW you have A Green Beret from the Special Forces helping guide facilitate operations against” DAVOS” the corrupt U.S. system and chain of commands and stating their is an intentional guided invasion into the U.S. and a bioweapon is being used against U.S. citizens And he is broadcasting this to millions of people through JONES> INFOWARS////_

WIRES>]; There is far more military Oath keepers and strong powerful divisions that are coming out. In Texas. California. Arizona and the intense U.S. Standoff grows into full operations zones in 2024

Storm Rider

MORE > IT HAS BEGUN – 34,000 U.S. Military Oath Keepers into a Texas to defend the Constitution , and the Revolt against the Deep State government and their Elites

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HOW THE CIA PULLED A COUP OVER IRAN WITH MI6 and brought Iran into civil unrest and decades of killings

Just some important Insight into why Iran hates the United States, UK. And Europe .

The history of the company we now call BP has, over the last 100 years, traced the arc of transnational capitalism. Its roots lie in the early years of the twentieth century when a wealthy bon vivant named William Knox D’Arcy decided, with encouragement from the British government, to begin looking for oil in Iran. He struck a concession agreement with the absolute Iranian monarchy, using the proven expedient of bribing the three Iranians negotiating with him.

Under this contract, which he designed, D’Arcy was to own whatever oil he found in Iran and pay the government just 16% of any profits he made — never allowing any Iranian to review his accounting. After his first strike in 1908, he became sole owner of the entire ocean of oil that lies beneath Iran’s soil. No one else was allowed to drill for, refine, extract, or sell “Iranian” oil.

“Fortune brought us a prize from fairyland beyond our wildest dreams,” Winston Churchill, who became First Lord of the Admiralty in 1911, wrote later. “Mastery itself was the prize of the venture.”

Soon afterward, the British government bought the D’Arcy concession, which it named the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. It then built the world’s biggest refinery at the port of Abadan on the Persian Gulf. From the 1920s into the 1940s, Britain’s standard of living was supported by oil from Iran. British cars, trucks, and buses ran on cheap Iranian oil. Factories throughout Britain were fueled by oil from Iran. The Royal Navy, which projected British power all over the world, powered its ships with Iranian oil.
After World War II, the winds of nationalism and anti-colonialism blew through the developing world.

In Iran, nationalism meant one thing: we’ve got to take back our oil. Driven by this passion, Parliament voted on April 28, 1951, to choose its most passionate champion of oil nationalization, Mohammad Mossadegh, as prime minister. Days later, it unanimously approved his bill nationalizing the oil company. Mossadegh promised that, henceforth, oil profits would be used to develop Iran, not enrich Britain.

The Mega Giants in the oil industry in the United States were unhappy with the financial losses that was expected to produce a Trillion dollars with the British Petroleum ( BP) oil industry and European distribution.

So in the grief of losing a trillion dollar industry in Iranian oil and control the UK MAJESTY / British Elite’s with MI6 make plans with the CIA to over thrown the New Leader of Iran

CIA front man Kermit Roosevelt Middle East bureau Chief is sent into Iran with 1,000,000 $$ dollars ( 12 million $ in today’s money) in U S tax paper money
and meets CIA officers and several Iranian politicians who have given been corrupted by MI6 and CIA operations. Together with Roosevelt they go through the country and bribe politicians, clerics and powerful leaders to start rumors about Mossadegh and at the same time Iranians are paid to stage attacks ( false flags events ) against the local religious leaders and groups and the attacks are pointed at Mossadegh as his regimen and blamed for the orders, attacks and killings.
With time the CIA creates a huge massive civil unrest and distrust through the Iranian country and at the same time the CIA brings weapons into Iran enough to create a 10,000 guerilla army which causes chaos through Iran and buildings, shops burn down , a color revolution ( CIA MI6 > COUP) begins and paid demonstration using students begin.
A bloody COUP happens and the IRAN leader Mossadegh is arrested and charged with treason. And the previous leader of IRAN Mohammed Reza Pahlavi is re-installed by the U S. CIA and MI6. Reza reopens the oil fields to the United States and Britain

Iran under the control of Pahlavi kills military generals and leaders and begins purging the government and brings in censorship of the media and education system. The corruption of Pahlavi last over a decade till the country goes into revolt against the Pahlavi and his obvious treacherous agenda operations being forced by Western governments and military intelligence agencies.
Soon after the revolt , the Iranians Install Ayatollah Khomeini as their leader and he turned Iran into a Islamic Republic and since then Iran had long known the United States stole their oil, with CIA operations with mi6 and British powers that caused civil wars through their country and huge massive civil unrest for decades with millions being arrested persecuted and killed, all because of Western powers wanting Iranian oil.

This is an important reminder why Iran hates the U.S. And Western countries.

Trump knows very well all the atrocities the United States and CIA created through the world and pain and suffering the deep state has created through oil wars and colours revolution ( cia coups) …

_ This is the reason why Trump didn’t Start any wars and wants to end all WARS. He knows a great TRUTH of what happened globally with globalist agendas.

This why Trump says he is the only one who can stop WW3.

Behind the scenes>]; there are important. Back CHANNELS between U S. Military white HATS and Iran Mil.

You must understand Iran is also cleaning their SWAP and over 75 years of CIA/MI6/Mossad/ globalist INFESTATION into their country that is causing chaos…..

All countries are seeking peace. But the CABAL deep state wants war to hide their crimes against humanity and want the wealth of the countries……

There are powerful plans for WORLD peace coming with Trump back in office after the 2024 SCARE NECESSARY EVENT TO HAPPEN

We send condolences to all the family’s who lost their loved ones in the middle east WARS
We are pained by the loss of U.S. military soldiers lives lost recently in the middle east. _

Keep faith world Patriots as we ride Storm into the 2025 Presidency of Donald J. Trump and Military Alliance operations to bring down the [ DS] CIA regimen controlled by the globalist.


Storm Rider

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