5D Earth Is Coming

I hear these phrases time and time again, the 5D earth is almost here, it is going to be an epic ascension! I hear people time and time again say that they are a star seed. I hear the question “What would you do to change earth”? or “How do we make the earth new”? Over and over. We need to do this for a better earth, and we need to do that. But if you are like me, you see things a little differently. Please allow me to share one perspective. If I were not happy with earth, I would not have planned to come here in the first place. My higher self planned me to be here for a reason and my higher self is much more heart centered and knowing than my ego. Every spiritual site I have been on, I hear people complain about living here, and wanting to make a new world. I also see posts about how purposeful it is to be a star seed. There is nothing wrong with being human, for me it really does not matter what galaxy my star race is from or what star race I am a descendant of, what is important, is that I am here now, on earth, as a human being.

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