Military Equipment is being moved in the cover of night to borders


… Military Equipment is being moved in the cover of night to borders//))

Past article;

In September, as Serb unity was celebrated as part of a new national holiday, President Aleksandar Vucic said the army was “five times stronger” than a few years ago, as he announced greater expenditure.

Following a June military drill in the Sandzak region, Vucic said that the army will be “drastically increased in the next nine months”, and will “always be in a position to defend our country and people”.

Reuf Bajrovic, co-chair of the US-Europe Alliance organisation, told Al Jazeera that he believes Vucic is preparing to use military force in Kosovo and Bosnia when international circumstances change in his favour – such as when US troops withdraw from KFOR (the NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo) or when Russia – Serbia’s ally – decides to directly intervene in the region.

“Russia-trained mercenaries in Bosnia and Montenegro are an integral part of the Serbian military strategy for the region. It is a carbon copy of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s pre-invasion actions in Georgia and Ukraine,” Bajrovic said

We have 14 MiG-29s now,” Vucic recounted telling Western officials on a Serbian talk show. “They thought I was joking … Does Serbia not have the right to [use] its helicopters and planes in central Serbia?”

Serbia would have to abandon any EU ambitions if it acted militarily against Bosnia or Kosovo, said Serwer, adding, “But Vucic appears to have already given up on EU accession.

“The situation is dangerous. NATO needs to make clear that it will not tolerate Serbian mobilisation of forces against its neighbours, as it did last week against Kosovo, which has no army.”

The announcements have made some in neighbouring countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro wary about Serbia’s motives, especially amid calls by Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin on forming a “Serb World”

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Europe heading into STATES OF WAR<

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In the END this MILITARY MOVEMENTS will lead to marshal LAW in major countries

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Military is the only way

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