Massive Activations For Starseeds


There is a mass pineal activation going on that got amped up about a week ago. I saw how so very many could not see and still needed “proof”. I was then shown/saw how visibility would be coming forth for all who had not previously been able to see.

The pineal gland gives us vision that we did not have before. The opening up of this fully does require the head to be affected dramatically for this. Cranial expansion & jaw realignment, and what the human calls migraines/headaches are just a minimal part of this. These photonic light activations occur inside of your head. When they are triggered to activate, the “breaking open” requires much perceived pain. There are many ways to assist with this, rather than “think” something is wrong and try to fix it (human).

First, one must understand that it is a part of all’s evolution here and entrance into universal consciousness. Embrace it and assist it, rather than resisting and trying to suppress. Sleep is the very first thing that will alleviate, for much much much sleep is required to fully wake up. More than the human can comprehend, and when one “thinks” they have slept enough, they must sleep some more. Shut your eyes and relax your mind, for “thinking” will exacerbate the pain. The more human the thoughts, the more that this will persist. Your pineal gland/3rd eye is your new viewer and it must be activated so that you can truly see. Vision takes form of many things, just a few allow one to see beyond the illusion of the human experience and from outside of the matrix. A “light” will activate inside and filmstrips will start to play. This brings forth your awareness of something beyond this human existence and new rememberings. Some filmstrips will clear entire programming, just by flashing in your mind. The entire reality and emotion, just gone, transmuted and totally transformed into light.

For a while, all will be confusing, for you will have one foot in each world/reality at the same time. “How” to exist becomes the question, as one learns to walk dimensionally. For me, “tunnel vision” would ensue every time a collective event was about to occur. This allowed me to step back and not participate in the energy of that event, for seeing it as an illusion is the purpose. Some will feel detached, not knowing how to feel at all anymore. Confusion and clarity at the same time, and feeling like a being on the wrong planet is an understatement.

Yet, give it time and observe and allow all of the old way of thinking/beliefs to go. Things will get clearer and easier to navigate as realities integrate and separation falls away. Unification the ultimate “goal”, which occurs first within. Simultaneously “out there” shall also be unifying as well. The only thing that slows the process is the human mind’s “slowness” to catch up.

You can activate your pineal gland by sun gazing, eating cilantro, cutting out that which calcifies (fluoride & unclean water) and high cacao content of dark chocolate (like 80-85%) before & during the sleep process (yep, keep it by the bed). There are certain practices, crystals, meditations and more that can also assist with this. Tapping on your 3rd eye lightly can also assist with activation. Contrary to “human belief”, a bit of sugar will also help alleviate a pineal migraine.

This is one of the most important parts of our evolution, the ability to actually see. Your physical eyes shall also be activated and much “weirdness” (to the human) also occurs here. Crystals activate, star particles activate… sharp energetic pains, itching & more. Your physical eyes must be upgraded to merge with your 3rd eye to become one.

Heads are being tuned bigtime so that higher frequencies can be handled for receiving transmissions and thoughts. Old human thoughts that were in the way before, as they are cleared, leave by way of “junk” leaving the head & throat. The more you speak your truth in love, the more you transcend/integrate human thought, the more you can assist with this. For the head and the throat, you may desire to do what I did. Cut out anything that causes mucous, as this needs to leave the head. Drink cayenne pepper, garlic in warm water. Add honey and/or lemon if you like. If you cannot handle this, then find something natural that you prefer instead.

The “new” reality is not new, it has been here all along. Seeing was veiled by ourselves, behind our human beliefs and thoughts, and not accessible in the lower vibrations/realms/dimensions. Expanding the mind, allows the brain as a muscle to stretch and eventually literally open up. (This will be felt & heard as energy/electricity zooming through your head.) That huge percentage of the brain never utilized holds your universal consciousness and ancient wisdom waiting to come forth. This part of the brain expands as your higher heart opens up. The two go hand in hand and one cannot function without the other. Your higher self/soul emerges from within, and the universal mind is how you shall function now. The human mind cannot comprehend as it is sooooooo very small. They do merge to become one, just as do your hearts. You unify inside as does all.

Time, a human creation, also ceases to exist as you unify too. So very much shall fall away, for it was only needed for the human experience.

Your Crystalline HUman Star BEing DNA activates and again, wow is an understatement. Memories flooding forth, expansion in every moment.

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