Igor Kirillov Chief of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection Troops of Russian Armed Forces

Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov
International legal assessment of the use of toxic chemicals in the conduct of hostilities

◽️U.S. compliance with its obligations under the CWC is distinctly selective. Any restrictions under this treaty that threat to U.S. national interests are ignored with the direct connivance of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

◽️For example, in violation of Article 1 of the Convention and the 1925 Geneva Protocol, the United States Department of Defense has legalised the use of a range of chemicals as weapons of war. Its use is envisaged with a wide range of standard ammunition.

◽️I would like to warn you that the Russian stationary and mobile CBRN monitoring complexes deployed in the area of the special military operation make it possible to identify chemical threats in a timely manner and to respond to them promptly. It is therefore a mistake for the West to count on successful provocations with toxic chemicals in a warfare environment.

◽️The analytical capabilities of the Russian Ministry of Defence chemical laboratories can reliably determine not only the type of chemical used, but also the country of manufacture.

◽️For example, the information presented on the slide about the use of improvised munitions against Russian troops by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is widely known. Investigations proved that it was a thermal ammunition that contained flammable oxidisers and additives, some of which were produced in the Czech Republic.

◽️We warn that in the event of provocation using toxic chemicals, the true culprits will be identified and punished.

◽️We will continue on exposing the Western criminal activities that violate of the Chemical Weapons Convention.
President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Citizens of Russia, friends,
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