[EU] Unraveling, as The UNION begins a witch hunt against each other [COLLAPSE]

_Before the COLLAPSE becomes more evident and Banks closing slowly in the EU and several countries inside the Union have issued Warnings of a massive Economic crises incoming
(what’s interesting about this fact is,,,, ANONS, freedom fighters and world Patriots were well aware of the this fact 18 months before hand through several channels…. How is it that we know about the ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. The vaccine bio-weapons made to KILL people – blood clots .. Blood to sludge- , from election fraud in many countries to human trafficking  – BIDEN< to central banks money laundering systems………. How did WE become the News before it’s News??????….? Whos working behind the SCENES )//

Now the EU is attacking their own as a Big scandle is hitting their parliament and their vice president Eva Kaili office was raided by police and seized were her computers phone and servers, and two other high ranking socialist leaders in the Union are under investigation in the incident of corruption and bribes and were part of the Friday round up by police and Intelligence agencies.

The investigation alleges direct bribes ( it’s expected money laundering will be added in the next week’s) from Qatar middle east money buying influence inside the the EUROPEAN UNION….

( What’s not known or reported is several European leaders inside the Parliament are connected directly to Chinese CCP money laundering operations in EU and this current

Dog eat dog , witch hunt is basically a distraction to keep the EXPOSURE of half Trillion in money laundering connected to CRYPTO inside the EUROPEAN EU connected to the Top leaders)///

As the COLLAPSE is happening, EU countries are going to continue to attack each other…
Blame each other and with this will come major INTEL LEAKS from several EU .mil Intel agencies to back up their countries and Leaders inside the fight and COLLAPSE……

As the MUSK is EXPOSING the U.S. DEMOCRATIC REGIME FBI. PENTAGON. BIG TECH for ELECTION inferences. EXPOSING CDC for controlling TWITTER. and a host of several other agencies connected to the corrupted DNC Obmann Biden CIA regimen,…
The EU has now come into the KILL BOX as thousands of Elite politicians begin dumping information on TWITTER and attacking each other………. As more and more information Comes out in TWITTER of the vaccines and their effects on blood clots and MiO carditis , the EU is PANIC as the blame game intensifies and EU is trying desperately to shut off TWITTER<
_Twitter has began a wreckening as countries after countries are EXPOSING the [ UN]

ECT ECT ECT Ect ECT ECT and their connections to funding a Ukraine War.
( Several countries and divided governments and leaders are now publicly denying to fund UKRAINE and see an AGENDA unfolding and blame the U.S. BIDEN regimen for inciting the war)

_as the COLLAPSE continues…. The final cards the EU [ DS] members want to play and ordered from the KAZARIAN, CIA , DAVOS WEF u.s. ROCKEFELLERS is to create false flag events in EU…… And blame misinformation, conspiracy as their scape goats as they are being l EXPOSED]……… The FINAL plan to Censor free speech ( information EXPOSING them)  and put in place new laws that connect hate speech, misinformation to Censor ship of freedom of speech.
TWITTER is ground ZERO.

HAS FLIPPED<<<<<< The Military. .. ALLIANCE….  MUSK>> gave information directly to apple CEO Tim cook that his involvement in the military coup against Trump is fully documented and MILITARY Tribunals coming can mean DEATH. ..
( INSIDE SOURCES report….. APPLE human trafficking, money laundering.. and the MASSIVE first beginnings of Child pedophilia rings>software designed for world elites and back doors channels to Apple pedophilia ring is connected to EPSTEIN CIA ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT pedo triangle……..)/////

MUSK is withholding MAJOR information uncovered on APPLE < is all for a reason

>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

Uncensored Alternative News Media

Ascension All Connected and Also Important

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