Australia senator goes on record about the vaccine injuries

Senator Ron Johnson Issues a Plea to ALL Doctors and Nurses: “Put an END to this INSANITY”

Dr. William Bay apologizes for not speaking out sooner, afraid of losing his livelihood

Senator Malcolm Roberts – TGA is failing to conduct autopsies that died from the Vaccines

Senator Gerard Rennick – What PFIZER and the TGA Didn’t Tell You!

Australian senator Alex Antic and the Agenda “The weapon is fear”

👉 Perpetual state of emergency “Till Absolute power is obtained “

Craig Kelly MP Australia – Medical Vaccine Coercion

Queensland Senator Malcolm Roberts talking about net zero and digital IDs

Senator Malcolm Roberts: ‘Globalist Predators and Major Bankers Control Governments Around the World’

A shadowy cabal of bankers are controlling world affairs through supranational organizations that dictate globalist policies to leaders across the world.

RAIR Foundation USA was honored to interview Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation conservative party. The leader exposes the dangerous and freedom-crushing agenda and tactics of powerful and wealthy bankers, subversive individuals, and unelected globalist organizations controlling governments across the world.

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Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts drops truth bombs about Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset

Climate alarmists have continually claimed that the Great Barrier Reef is dying [It’s not] Senator Malcolm Roberts

The Global Warming A Hoax

ILLUSION OF CHOICE Monopoly – Who Owns the World

Riccardo Bosi Australia One - [Raw Truth] Prepare Now! "Worldwide"


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